Chocolate-covered almond butter-stuffed dates

I am always playing with recipes, looking for those that are quick, taste great, and are healthy (well, mostly).

I also look for those recipes that use ingredients I keep on hand.

These chocolate-covered stuffed dates use ingredients I always have: medjool dates, vegan chocolate chips, coconut oil, and almond butter.

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3 Bean QUICK Chili

There are times when I truly enjoy spending an hour or more crafting a dish.  I love to see the various layers of the creation come to fruition.

At other times, I need speed.

Those are times when I just want to throw something together with minimal fuss and sit down to the table in about 30 minutes. While this chili cooks, I make a salad, thaw out some gluten-free rolls, and we are good to go.

I use black beans, red kidney beans, and white kidney beans and keep canned varieties on hand just for “quick” meals. I also tend to cook up a pot of beans ahead of time and freeze them in 1-cup measures, but unless I have them already thawing, I simply use thoroughly rinsed canned beans for this meal.

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Vegan Christmas Candy

I’ve been on a sweet kick, lately, and have been experimenting with flavors. I love cinnamon in my hot chocolate, and I love almonds….so….. why not combine them into a candy?

And since we are midway through December, Christmas Candy it is!

Vegan chocolate chips…cinnamon…coconut oil…unsalted almonds… loaf pan….parchment paper…that’s all you need.

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Black bean Brownies – Yummy!

OMG.  Brownies.   I have really missed brownies…the chocolate…the moisture…the decadence…

Meet the black bean, savior of vegan brownies…

I have tried a variety of vegan brownie recipes, trying to avoid black beans. I mean, come on – back beans in brownies?  Then I caved in, and I’m glad I did!

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Sometimes we miss the convenience of a making a sandwich…particularly when we need portable food.

We always are looking for new ways of getting protein, and I hate to waste a meal or snack without getting some protein from it. Add in my grain sensitivity issues and this portable meal can become quite interesting.

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gluten and grain sensitivity

Gluten and grainOver the past year we have made a lot of diet changes, dropping meat-based protein, dairy, fat, and oil.  We eat all plant-based, including beans, grains and vegetables.  We eat far more of these plant-based foods than we ever did before.

I knew I was lactose intolerant with allergies to soy, corn, and white potatoes….and a myriad of other foods. When we first went plant-based, I noticed an immediate improvement in my breathing and skin.

Nine months later I am noticing the rashes and asthma returning even though I am eating healthier than ever before. I often eat oatmeal for breakfast, and I make hearty whole grain breads….and I am covered in rashes and itch all of the time….sometimes I even have blisters in my Continue reading “gluten and grain sensitivity”

vegan fudge


My father was the candy maker of the family. Fudge… pecan divinity…..other made cakes and icings from scratch, but my father made the candy.   He was the one to introduce me to the candy thermometer and the “soft ball” stage.

Eventually I mastered using a candy thermometer and cooking my chocolate just the correct amount but my fudge was often at risk of staying soupy. Other people made fudge, so I was content to make cookies and cakes and leave the fudge to them.

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