Sometimes we miss the convenience of a making a sandwich…particularly when we need portable food.

We always are looking for new ways of getting protein, and I hate to waste a meal or snack without getting some protein from it. Add in my grain sensitivity issues and this portable meal can become quite interesting.

Other vegans had mentioned they make “mock tuna” sandwiches, so I once again searched and tweaked. Continue reading ““tuna-free”boats”

gluten and grain sensitivity

Gluten and grainOver the past year we have made a lot of diet changes, dropping meat-based protein, dairy, fat, and oil.  We eat all plant-based, including beans, grains and vegetables.  We eat far more of these plant-based foods than we ever did before.

I knew I was lactose intolerant with allergies to soy, corn, and white potatoes….and a myriad of other foods. When we first went plant-based, I noticed an immediate improvement in my breathing and skin.

Nine months later I am noticing the rashes and asthma returning even though I am eating healthier than ever before. I often eat oatmeal for breakfast, and I make hearty whole grain breads….and I am covered in rashes and itch all of the time….sometimes I even have blisters in my Continue reading “gluten and grain sensitivity”

vegan overnight cinnamon buns

We traveled to Chicago in June to visit our daughter Erin (new PhD graduate from the University of Chicago!) who took us to the Chicago Diner for breakfast.  We had way too many choices….one choice we made was their vegan cinnamon rolls..huge…sweet, cinnamon-y, and soy-filled.

I am allergic to soy- it gives me hives – but I really wanted to try these buns…so.. I itched….

Returning home I absorbed recipe books, playing with a combination of ideas. They had to be able to “cool-rise” overnight because I am not getting up at 4 am to make cinnamon buns no matter how good they are.  Continue reading “vegan overnight cinnamon buns”

Chick loaf

When we first started eating plant-based, we heard a lot about chickpeas.

I do mean a lot.

Also known as garbanzo beans, chickpeas are high in protein and fiber and are associated with a variety of health benefits such as lowering blood glucose levels while containing iron, phosphate, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc and vitamin K…..and let’s not forget chickpeas are good for the heart due to their high levels of fiber.

Ok. Continue reading “Chick loaf”

Red beans and rice

We love kidney beans.   We love brown rice. Putting the two together just makes sense.  I originally was making large pots of brown rice, then heating various beans to serve over rice.  That works and is quick. Add some salsa, some green onions or chives, and a solid fast dinner emerges.

Sometimes though, the convenience of just tossing ingredients into a slow cooker, leaving the house, and returning to a fragrant tasty dinner  is just the perfect way to go. Continue reading “Red beans and rice”

sweet potato and chickpea chili

Slow cooker sweet potato and chickpea chiliAs you have figured out we eat a lot of beans made into stews and chili.  But, I do freeze a lot so we are often pulling from the freezer to serve what I think of as ‘fast food.”

This slow cooker chili is one of our favorites..

It can withstand longer time in the slow cooker and freezes well. What more can we want?

Continue reading “sweet potato and chickpea chili”

Molly’s overnight chocolate oatmeal

I love chocolate. Chocolate for breakfast sounds absolutely perfect! Chocolate that is warm? With cinnamon and cherries?  Greeting me when I first crawl out of bed? Oh my… Could there be anything better?

Oh, wait! It’s healthy, oil-free, fat-free, whole foods…and chocolate! Warm, comforting chocolate. . . . . . Continue reading “Molly’s overnight chocolate oatmeal”